Since 1977 we have been solving the world’s most challenging trenching problems.  For the past 43 years we have been involved in the design and manufacturing of rock trenchers both onshore and offshore.  We at Miah Inc. manufacture custom onshore and offshore hard rock trenchers, high quality critical component trencher parts and consumables.   We have custom design and technological capabilities not found elsewhere and have provided innovation to the trenching industry.  We have developed patented trenching technologies that allow us to trench faster, deeper, wider, and more efficiently than anyone else.  We have a long history of providing trenching solutions when conventional trenching wisdom had no answer.  Prior to founding Miah Inc., Joe Lembcke was a managing engineer on the team that designed and produced the world’s first successful subsea hard rock trencher, which today are responsible for hundreds of miles of ocean floor rock trenches.  To this day Lembcke continues to innovate, expanding the bounds of trencher capabilities allowing efficient trench construction where it was once impossible.